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Your Future

Institutional investors require portfolios that are tailored to their goals, cost-effective and deliver strong returns with controlled risk.


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    Customized Stock and Bond Portfolios in House

    We provide solutions for long-term investors. We stick to our guns when others chase market trends. By remaining true to our strategies, our investment solutions can work towards fulfilling our clients’ goals.

    Our Core

    Your Future Is Our Focus

    • At Investment Dock, we understand that analytics and thought are needed to provide the best strategy that meets your goals. We stay steady throughout market changes and design portfolios that capitalize your investments and preserve your legacy.

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    Meet The Team

    Expertise Is Critical to Client Success

    Our team is made of financial consultants with decades of experience.


    Samanta Willaian

    CEO Founder
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    Mariah Carry

    CEO Founder
    As a managing director at the firm, Mike oversees the strategic plans for Fort Pitt Capital’s future.

    Gina Kennedy

    CEO Founder
    Bernie Clinton is a dedicated water professional who combines analytic We are e Consulting

    Our Wide Area of Services

    Fort Pitt Capital serves clients nationally with offices in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh PA and also in Naples Florida.


    New York City, NY

    570 Buttonwood St, Harrisburg, PA 17101



    Los Angeles, CA

    570 Buttonwood St, Harrisburg, PA 17101



    Washington DC, WA

    570 Buttonwood St, Harrisburg, PA 17101


    An excellent way to get started.

    We just had a dream, A vision, All we had to do was to tell them our idea and that was our part, The other parts and hard works was on their side and they did it absolutely .

    Todd Bryant
    CEO Of Fatherly

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    Our Services Are

    • Based on your personal needs and circumstances
    • Focused and disciplined with an emphasis on trust, integrity, expertise, and service
    • Designed to mitigate the amount of loss sustained during a market decline while optimizing overall investment returns
    • Based on unbiased, professional experience